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Mobile Traffic Continues to Rise

Mobile Campaign Examples from Legal Brand Marketing

According to the Local Search Association, traffic via mobile devices to local websites has risen by 27%.

In the latest Local Mobile Search Report, compiled by the Local Search Association, the number of mobile users to sites advertising local services is steadily increasing. In fact, it was reported that over half of Yelp’s visitors come from mobile devices.

As an attorney, what does this mean for you?

You may not be a restaurant or a store, but you are a local service and you need to be viewable to these growing numbers of mobile users.

As you probably know, Legal Brand Marketing has worked with DUI attorneys for a number of years. We know that all drunk driving defense and criminal defense attorneys are always recommending potential clients to find a lawyer as soon as possible.

The fact is that a person WILL find an attorney as soon as possible with their mobile device. Now, the important question is will they find YOU?

Your firm’s website needs to be updated to reach the mobile user. Don’t expect your current website to be automatically compatible with a mobile device’s browser. With slow load times and awkward spacing, you could be losing out on many potential clients by not having your firm’s website be mobile-user friendly.

Now is the time to adjust with the times. Get your firm’s website mobile-friendly. Legal Brand Marketing is experienced in creating mobile designs that effectively reach your desired market. For more information on our mobile landing page services, visit our site to see how we can help you attract the most amounts of potential clients.

Mobile Payments

Ever since we launched our mobile landing page services, we can’t stop talking about how important it is that your firm’s website is available for smartphone and tablet users. Going mobile gives your site more accessibility and it will give you more exposure to your market. If you have yet to build a mobile website for your firm, you could be missing out on many clients. Talk to Legal Brand Marketing today to see how we can help make your firm’s website user-friendly for mobile users.

Today, we were tickled that Mashable featured an article, “14 Ways to Accept Mobile Payments”. Having the ability to allow clients to pay via their smartphones or tablets can be very beneficial to your business.

Not only can a mobile payment application work in conjunction with your mobile site campaign, it can accelerate the sales process if you are using a referral service. By having the ability to accept payment via mobile devices, you don’t need to wait until you see a client in person to receive their payment. You can retain clients quicker and receive their payments faster.

Furthermore, having the ability to let your clients pay via their mobile device is a good PR move, if you ask us. It shows your level of flexibility and willingness to meet the needs of your clients to make your work together as convenient for them as possible.

Take a look at the list. Some of the apps we recommend include Square, Go Payment, PayToo or Boku. However, take a look at all of them. Some apps may be better suited for your firm than others.

Remember, if you have yet to make your firm’s website accessible via mobile devices, you could be missing out on a wide variety of clients that can possibly be the key to your success. To learn more about our mobile page services, contact Legal Brand Marketing today!


Cook County DUI Referrals Available

If you’re an attorney in the Cook County area, listen up!

We have some DUI referrals in your area that are now available. If you’re trying to brand yourself as an esteemed Chicago-area DUI attorney, let Legal Brand Marketing help grow your business.

Contact us today to see how we can help you get more clients and attain the success you want!

Learn more about our lead generation services.

In addition to quality Cook County DUI referrals, we’ve also expanded into new verticals such as bankruptcy, personal injury, divorce and more!

Furthermore, if you’re a DUI attorney, don’t forget to ask about our DUI attorney directories.

We know you care about quality leads and want more than just a pile of emails that lead to nowhere. That is why Legal Brand Marketing is dedicated to nurturing referrals by developing the most effective strategies in lead generation.

Why Should a Law Firm Maintain Their Facebook Page?

It can be astounding to see the number of law firms who don’t have a Facebook page or have a Facebook page that hasn’t been updated in over a year. Whether or not a Facebook page converts fans into clients isn’t the issue. A lot of attorneys think that if a Facebook page doesn’t draw in more clients via Facebook itself, it’s not even worth it.

This thinking needs to change.

Having a Facebook page isn’t necessarily about attempting to convert the number of “likes” into actual clients. Your Facebook page isn’t necessarily for solely Facebook users. A Facebook page is there for you to legitimize your firm and your authority as an attorney.

Think about all of the websites you visit in a day. Somewhere on the homepage, you’ll see links to follow said company on Twitter or Facebook. Those links are more than just tactics to get followers. They are symbols that say, “Hey, we want to communicate with you. We’re people, just like you, and we want to talk.”

Furthermore, having a social media presence makes you more accessible. By having a compelling Facebook page, potential clients can learn more about you in a medium they understand. After all, everyone has a Facebook account! By utilizing Facebook, you speak the same language as a potential client. Isn’t that something you strive for?

Above all, being active on social media platforms accredits you in your industry.

Learn more about social media marketing for attorneys today.


LinkedIn Celebrates Its 10th Birthday

The social networking platform, Linkedin, celebrated its 10-year anniversary this past weekend.

Founded in 2003, LinkedIn is probably one of the most important social media accounts you can have as an attorney.

Some of the milestones that LinkedIn celebrated included:

  • 225 million members – According to their website, Linkedin has 2 new users a second.
  • More than 3,700 employees
  • The highest ratio of female executives in the Silicon Valley

There are many benefits to having a Linkedin account as an attorney. However, it’s important that you stay active on it, as well. Linkedin allows you to connect with peers in different regions as well as find new employees for your firm. With a Linkedin company page, you allow your peers to follow your firm’s growth as well as gain insight into your industry.

With our social media services, we can make sure your Linkedin account, as well as your other social media accounts, is top-notch. Social media is an important tool to help you stand out. Legal Brand Marketing values the power of social media and you will, too!




What Can We Learn from National Geographic?

Obviously, for a legal professional, National Geographic isn’t the type of periodical attorneys would flock to in order to further their careers. However, National Geographic was the winner of “Best Tablet Magazine” at the National Magazine Awards.

According to judges, National Geographic won Best Tablet because of a variety of factors that, as attorneys, can inspire your email marketing campaigns.

Here are just some of the following areas the earned National Geographic the award.

  • In-depth reporting
  • Beautiful design
  • Smooth navigation

These are appealing qualities that your email campaigns should embody. It you’re interested in a digital magazine as an email campaign, it must be of the highest quality.

With our experience in design and content writing, Legal Brand Marketing can create a digital magazine that exemplifies your legal prowess. It will put you above the rest. By incorporating a digital magazine as part of your email marketing campaigns, you are asserting yourself as a leader in your field. You are providing people with the information they need. In turn, people will more likely look to you when they are shopping for an attorney.

Legal Brand Marketing knows what you want in an email campaign. We invite you to learn more about what we can provide you by visiting our email marketing page. Get a jumpstart on growing your clientele with a beautiful digital magazine.