Video Tips for Attorneys

Yesterday, we featured some of our favorite client videos. If you’re looking to include video in your marketing campaigns, we hope that the post provided you with some inspiration.  Therefore, today we thought we would provide you with some additional pointers you can utilize as you brainstorm new video ideas.

Keep it short and sweet.

Remember, your videos don’t have to be too long. They can even be under a minute. Many people don’t have a long attention span, so be sure to keep your videos to the point.  If you have a lot of topics you want to discuss, try breaking them up into separate videos.

Use good lighting and sound.

It may seem obvious but it is very important that you can be seen or heard. You may want to invest in a videographer or editing services to create a high-quality video.

Have a good description of your video.

Your visitors need to know what they are about to watch. Make sure your video has a clear title and a description that will entice a visitor to click the play button.

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