Tip for DUI Attorneys: Contact an Internet Referral ASAP

One of the major differences between an internet referral and a personal referral is speed.  An internet referral through 1 800 DUI Laws comes to your inbox right away, so it is important to contact this referral right away – they are waiting to hear from you!

Here are a couple more tips:

Get a company-sponsored Smartphone. Yes, if you can still believe it, some of you may still be using “old school” cellphones. Not everyone has embraced the digital age, and that’s fine. However, if you are going to be the one doing intakes, what happens if you receive an internet referral and you’re in court? How are you going to contact them right away? It is a good idea to invest in a Blackberry, iPhone or another Smartphone where you can receive emails. That way, you’re able to contact a potential client when you’re out and about.

Make sure someone is always available to contact referrals during business hours. If you are not going to be the one responding to internet referrals, make sure you have someone in the office contacting the referral to get information or to set up an appointment or a phone call with you.  Contact us if you would like to add an assistant, partner or anyone else to your email routing to receive internet referrals. We are more than happy to accommodate you.

Keep track of all of the people who become clients.  Keep that information in some sort of database.  It doesn’t have to be high-tech, it can be an excel spreadsheet.  Just make sure that the spreadsheet is always up to date.  Keep the name, phone number, email address and physical address of every person who becomes a client.  It’s always a good idea to hire someone to be on call for technical issues.  This can be an effective way to make sure that you’re always up to date.

Email the referral, as well. You may think a phone call is more formal or professional but these days some people may prefer email as their main form of communication.

Have any more tips? Share them below!


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